Active Insulation

Midlayer Jacket and Hoody MDWi 
The key to this midlayer is its effectiveness as both a standalone piece and as part of a wet weather layering system. Exceptionally lightweight, highly breathable and compressible, it performs equally well in both situations, as suited to Special Reconnaissance tasks.
Polartec® Alpha® was invented for the U.S. Special Forces to provide a superior insulation for extreme temperature variations and the start-stop conditions of combat. Polartec® Alpha® active insulation is engineered for consistent warmth, while allowing greater breathability for temperature regulation. This air exchange technology creates sustained comfort without shedding layers, which isn’t an option during a mission.
Polartec® Alpha® Direct is an evolution of the original Alpha® technology that eliminates the need for a backing fabric to enclose the insulation. By refining the size and shape of its lofted fibers, Alpha® Direct can be in direct contact with skin or other fabric layers. This provides increased breathability, while reducing weight, bulk, and dry-times.
The backer and exterior face readily accept dyes and can be color matched to maintain a consistent subdued tone throughout the garment.
Brookwood AEROLITE H600 30d Nylon Ripstop face fabric adds breathability and packability requirements expected by SOF users, without impeding the performance properties of the insulation.
Simple, functional and effective, the design is lighter and more breathable than its kindred SITKA Kelvin Active Jacket but draws from its DNA of high performance in an active environment. A cross-functional piece, the Midlayer Jacket and Hoody MDWi is reliable piece you will find yourself never deploying without.