Protecting the Core


The MLX Vest – MDWi provides the optimal balance between warmth, weight and durability, to deliver active insulation when required, without restricting mobility.

An active insulation mid-layer piece utilizing Polartec® Alpha® Direct insulation, the MLX Vest - MDWi (Midlayer Vest – Midweight Insulated), weighs in at a mere 8oz and can be compressed down to the size of a 16oz ‘Tall Boy’ beer can.

Taking up minimal room when packed and providing optimal performance when worn makes it a must have cross functional piece when loading your Recce Ruck or Assault Pack for operations, or even within your EDC Bag when conducting administrative travel.

Utilizing a Brookwood AEROLITE H600 30d Nylon ripstop face fabric creates a lightweight, durable façade with a mechanical stretch that allows for movement focused fit. Combined with Polartec® Alpha® Direct Insulation it provides warmth even when wet and dry’s fast.

Partnering with proven industry brands, Brookwood specialize in synthetic and synthetic blended textile solutions made in the USA.