YKK AquaGuard Zippers

Ounces Equals Pounds
At first glance insignificant, however, small parts and components (commonly referred to as trims in the textile industry), play a major role in the final weight and function of technical apparel. From G-Hooks, zippers and zipper pulls to cords and cord locks. Even down to the granular choice of thread. Trims sourcing and development is a foundational element in all Sitka Arrowhead product development. After all a product, much like a team, is only as strong as its weakest link.

Giant of Small Parts
Within the global apparel industry nobody understands the importance of premium trims more than the Japanese brand who have made focusing on the tiny details their big mission, YKK. Self-reflect and chances are the zipper pull on your jacket has YKK stamped on it? The YKK brand is synonymous with the zipper and all its associated hardware. Dedicating the last one hundred years to developing, engineering, and manufacturing premium zipper systems; that not only continue to function through extended use, but are precisely engineered to not fail you when failure is not an option. Because let’s face it, a jacket without a zipper is essentially useless.

To achieve a true best-in-class Gore-Tex® product, all components of the SITKA Arrowhead Wet Weather Protective (WWP) collection meant focusing on attention to detail holistically, fabrics, trims, fit, form, function and construction. For no-fail zippers that pass the Gore-Tex® Storm Test, we naturally looked to YKK.

AquaGuard® Zipper

YKK® AquaGuard® Zippers have a water repellent polyurethane film coating that helps shed water from the zipper opening. A DWR treatment to the polyester tape side increases the surface tension and adds an extra level of protection to prevent water leaking through. These zippers are strong, have a smooth operation and can be depended upon to withstand the harsh environments that our WWP collection has been designed for.

ARROWHEAD Application

YKK components selected by SITKA Arrowhead have a matte PU finish and are made in the USA. This makes them purpose built for the current Berry Compliant WWP MDW Jacket and Pant ensemble, soon to be joined by a Half Bib Pant in Winter 2021-22.